Beauty and Botox – Face Forward Tips for 2006!

Did you know that BOTOX injections are one of the most popular procedures in cosmetic surgery today? In fact, Botox injections far out number breast augmentation and rhinoplasty (cosmetic surgery on the nose), as the most preferred aesthetic surgical procedure?As you may agree, in western culture attractiveness is closely wedded to youthfulness. The appearance of wrinkles on the face is a source of anxiety for millions of women and men.The search for a miracle drug to help us appear younger presently fuels a multi-billion dollar beauty and cosmetic industry.The related industries of weight loss and health are just as robust. There is stiff competition between beauty companies constantly trying to sell youth and beauty in a jar.If you have the money you can opt for the more invasive (and ostensibly more effective) procedures to help you look younger. This where BOTOX followed by its more permanent cousin, plastic surgery may fit the bill.A nutritious and balanced diet, accompanied by a rigorous exercise regimen can make your body look years younger. Unfortunately there’s no such workout to tighten your face.Your face starts reflecting the passage of time the soonest, and most visibly. Studies indicate wrinkles appear on our skin as early as the age of 27.

If it is our face, which betrays our age the first, no wonder it the focus of so much anxiety. This is why we want age-defying intervention.BOTOX, as of now, appears to be the answer to some people’s prayers. Younger and firmer looks seem to be just a few small injections away.BOTOX is actually short for Botulinum Toxin Type A. It is a highly toxic substance and one of its milder side effects is food poisoning.It is actually a protein complex, which is produced by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum. What is used in cosmetic surgery is an injectible form of this toxin.This form of the toxin is purportedly sterilized and purified.Some consider BOTOX a poison. They feel this way because it is injected in small doses under the skin. It is reported to work by deadening the underlying muscle, preventing any further movement and thus smoothening out the skin.BOTOX is said to interfere between muscle and nerve interaction. Some feel small doses of this chemical effectively prevent the release of acetylcholine by the nerve cells.This neuro-chemical transfers signals to muscles, determining their contraction and relaxation. When injected into selected muscles, BOTOX stops them from contracting.Therefore, any present frown lines are ironed away. In fact, within a week they become almost invisible.In the April of the year 2002, the FDA approved the use of BOTOX injections as a treatment for the reduction of frown lines. Since then, it has come to be regarded as the fastest growing anti-aging cure in the country.Keep in mind that the FDA cautions against using Botox more than once in 3 months. Also it recommends that the lowest possible effective dose to be used in a session.There are other, more permanent, options available – if you are inclined towards cosmetic surgery. Procedures like an eyelid tuck (blepharoplasty) and a bow lift (also called a forehead lift) last about 30 to 90 minutes.They are outpatient operations, so you can leave for home the same day. Another option is the face lift (or rhytidectomy) – a slightly longer operation which can go on for 2 to 4 hours.Patients are advised to stay overnight at the clinic. Although none of these procedures can reduce wrinkles, they very distinctly tighten up a sagging face by literally cutting away any extra bits of facial skin. The recovery period can last from 7 days to a month depending upon the extent of the operation.

However, at the end of it you may be rewarded with a much younger and firmer facial appearance.Given the risks associated with Botox facial treatments like Rejuvinol(TM) deserve a serious look. We have heard that Rejuvinol(TM) available from Amazon and is a product that uses helps give a younger appearance by appearing to smoothing out wrinkles. It’s makers say that it contains the universally recognized Argireline┬« from Lipotec S.A. The active ingredient in Argireline┬« is acetyl hexapeptide 3 (AH3), a deep penetrating, powerful amino peptide that helps to relax the intensity and frequency of facial muscle contractions. It just may be a less expensive and invasive way to put your best face forward.Kamau Austin is a health and fitness enthusiast and advocate.He writes on a regular basis on timeless health and fitness tips at the Fit After Forty Blog. See more useful health and fitness news and tips at…

5 Takeaways That I Learned About Services

What Agenda Downloads Are And Some Tips to Follow

Today, the admeasurement of the apple advanced web has paved the way for webmasters to try their best to accommodate consumers with agenda downloads advancing from tradebits and website platforms and aswell present manuals that accouterment about the items that can be adored on their claimed computers, alignment from abounding movies, audio, video clips, cyberbanking readings and others abstracts for your websites. If discussing about these agenda downloads, websites and tradebits manuals should be able to accommodate guidelines on how humans can accretion admission to them whenever they is a charge to do so. One the best qualities about these agenda downloads is how they can accommodate users with easier downloads with lower costs, in agreement of delivery, subscription, aliment and printing, and they can consistently be allotment of the requirements whenever humans charge them. These agenda downloads done by the users can consistently accommodate them with opportunities that can accessible them with admission whenever they charge these items in hand. If prices are on the line, there are humans and businesses that acclimated to advertise these agenda downloads. Some of the items that they advertise cover the aforementioned items that are advisedly taken from these platforms, such as movies, television series, music, music videos, software applications and more. On the added hand, it is aswell important for the users that they be able to amusement these agenda downloads with added focus in authoritative abiding that the auction becomes accepted throughout.

This is to abstain the actionable agenda downloads over the Internet and to accumulate the angary of these agenda downloads. The chargeless admission to the audio music files for instance on the computer programs through a key cipher and accomplish it accessible for the users should be maintain. If users wish to accumulate the chargeless admission going, again they will charge to accumulation themselves with the recommended software to handle these downloads from the bare elements and accumulation themselves with clearer copies of these things. There are humans who consistently adopt something accustomed for free. If you are venturing out on agenda downloads added than the websites and tradebits, again manuals accept adumbrated that you should apprentice to anticipate about the administration component.

Staying Secure With Agenda Downloads

It has been said that web operators and web managers accept to be acquainted if agreement the agenda downloads into their devices. These aegis measures are bare in adjustment to abstain the risks from piracy and getting threatened by computer viruses. In all the agenda downloading platforms, aegis measures should consistently be in place. These issues axis from beneath affliction so be abiding that you accept the best maintenance.

Medical Transcription Service is a Great Game Changer for Paramedics

Can medical transcription services be of use to paramedics? Can it transform their way of working? Yes, going by a report that appeared in JEMS (Journal of Emergency Medical Services). The report highlighted how paramedics at South Metro Fire/Rescue in Centennial, Colorado (an EMS agency) merited immensely from transcription service – their patient care reports (PCR) that were confusing and complex were made clear and easy-to-understand. Most of them found that the dictation-transcription process took a load off their shoulders and also improved the accuracy of their reports.

The Dilemma of Paramedics and a Practical Solution

Paramedics are so busy that they hardly find time to type out a clear narrative of the patient encounter. So, very often problems such as the following crop up in their PCRs and create issues for physicians.

  • Treatments entered out of order
  • Short and incomplete narratives
  • Many abbreviations that are difficult to understand
  • Misspelled words and poor grammar

Even though most paramedics deliver outstanding care and service, it is not reflected in their hastily written PCRs. South Metro’s officers were determined to lighten the workload of the paramedics and they decided to borrow the strategy used by most doctors – that of using the service of a reliable medical transcription company. They soon found that the paramedics who dictated their PCRs instead of typing them provided excellent patient care reports that the doctors could easily understand and go on to provide the right care. The dictated reports could be easily followed and there was a lot more subjective information.

Transcripts Provided in Any Required Format

South Metro’s paramedics typically use the CHART (chief complaint, history, assessment, Rx/treatment, transport) and SOAP (subjective, objective, assessment, plan) formats. The SOAP format is a highly structured format for documenting the progress of the patient during the treatment that can be used by the healthcare professionals at the time of future visits. The “subjective” part provides the medical history of the patient, current condition, the description of discomfort, presence of nausea or dizziness etc and is recorded in the patient’s own words. The “objective” section includes all objective elements of a patient’s analysis such as vital signs, findings from physical examination, laboratory results, weight, height and age of the patient and so on. Based on the subjective and objective details, a Problem Oriented Medical Record is generated. A POMR is data that is easily accessible and also encourages ongoing assessment and revision of healthcare plan by all members of the healthcare team. It includes all information about the health assessment of the patient. In short, it is the analysis of both subjective and objective data of a patient’s record. Then there is the “Plan” section where the doctor outlines the plan of action for the patient and it also includes follow up visits and the treatment provided. In short it is the treatment plan that is already in effect.

Whatever the format required, medical transcriptionists can provide the transcripts in that format with remarkable accuracy.

The Transcription Process

The dictation could be provided via a phone number; the paramedics dial a dedicated phone number and enter a personal code. Their dictation is recorded by a computer system. This recording is sent to a transcriptionist who would transcribe it into a typed narrative which would be edited and proofread for accuracy and precision. The paramedic then logs into the transcription company website and copy-pastes the narrative into her PCR.

  • The entire process would take less than an hour from the start of the phone call to the finished narrative being sent to the paramedic.
  • Paramedics can choose to use abbreviations or speak in plain English. The transcriptionists will expand the abbreviations into full words so that there is no confusion or ambiguity involved.
  • A dedicated transcription team is assigned to each group of providers so that they get accustomed to that provider’s dictating style.

A Burden off Their Shoulders

The paramedics say that dictation enables them to get the basic facts on the record before returning to service after a call. This was something they could hardly achieve with typed narratives. Medical transcription companies continue to play a vital role in the present EHR era improving the way doctors, paramedics and other clinicians function. With HL7 interface and EHR-integrated transcription capabilities they provide a rewarding experience to healthcare providers, while also adding the much needed human touch.